Presidents’ Day- Trivia Contest

Yesterday was Presidents’ Day!  Dakota Wesleyan didn’t have the day off like some of the local grade schools, but the McGovern Center gave Presidents’ Day a little shout-out with a Presidential Trivia Contest.

Congratulations to DWU student Matt Bader, who answered EVERY question correctly!

Just a few of the questions:
Who was the first president to fly overseas?
Who was the first president to complete a marathon?
Which president had the most children?
Who did George McGovern run against for president?

Do you think YOU have some presidential fun fact knowledge?


Third Freedom- Singing Valentines

Last week, our chapter of Universities Fighting World Hunger student group, Third Freedom, hosted their “Singing Valentines” Valentine’s Day Fundraiser.  Some of the Third Freedom students went around to area businesses and sang their hearts out to the staff, shop owners, and anyone they met– collecting donations of support (or perhaps payment to put a stop to the “joyful noise”).  Businesses could then send the singing group on to other area businesses and friends!  The group had a fun and busy day!  All donations help to support the events and programs of the UFWH group.


Stories of Refugees event


Last night, the McGovern Center, along with DWU Campus Ministries, hosted “Stories of Refugees”– an event that invited our community to share and listen to stories of refugees in our area.  Our hope was that last night helped to continue a conversation and to put a human face onto an issue that all too often becomes limited to a political or social media debate.

We had a full house for the event and are so thankful to all those who were willing to share a piece of their story!  Check us out on Keloland and the Daily Republic:


Ralph Helmuth shares his experience working with refugees in Greece.


“What is your understanding of what it means to be a refugee?”