McGovern Center Team in Uganda

Our team of DWU students and McGovern Center representatives have arrived safely in Uganda and have been very busy the last few days!  Check out more below for some updates from the last few days…


The team ready to go!


Arrived in Uganda– tired but ready for some adventure!

The team has been working with our friend Esther on establishing sustainable school lunch projects in two schools. Our goal is to work in collaboration with parents, teachers, and school children to maintain a garden that will feed 100 kids, year round, on 1 acre of land. The team is introducing some innovative farming methods and work on integrating education related to the project directly into the curriculum so that it can be led by the students and teachers.  This project has been going very well so far!  Alisha recently updated on the Facebook page:

“It has been so impressive watching the schools here adopt this school lunch program. Today Esther led sessions with parents. Together they decided to pool resources to rent land and buy seeds. They made a plan on what to plant and got advice from our Ugandan ag experts. The land they will use for sweet potatoes, maize and beans will be supplemented with vegetables from the vertical farming and hydroponic systems we provided. The goal is to feed all the kids a meal a day. Before the school meal was occasional porridge so to have both hearty carbohydrates and veggies will be outstanding. The parents are so committed and kids excited. [The schools in] Nakigunju had 350 kids and Bright Light 120.”


Some parts of the hydroponic system Esther and the team is helping to put together.


Esther teaching some lessons.

A few days ago, DWU students also teamed up with doctors from Kampala with New Hope Medical Mission and saw more than 500 patients. Students helped complete intake forms and assist in the makeshift pharmacy. Some of the DWU students who play on the womens’ volleyball team had a blast teaching the community some skills and drills. Some students also visited farmers who are part of our farmer field school project with our friend Esther. The farmer field schools were launched in December. Five groups have around 10 members each. They received training and use a cooperative system to plant and save, all while introducing some new crop. Despite the drought they’ve been very successful and have plans to save and grow their groups.  Alisha, McGovern Center director, spent time with EEI’s bike mechanic program participants.  The team capped off the day making soap with some of the local women as part of the P31 project.


Of course, there has to be a little bit of FUN in all this work!  New Year’s Eve isn’t a party without some dancing and celebration…. seems like our students joined right in!


Wi-fi is a bit limited where the team is these last few days, but we will do our best to keep you updated as we hear more!  So far, everyone is doing great and the projects are going really well.

A special thanks to Marc Mebius, Esther Nampeera, and the DWU students who’ve helped get the project together. Also, as mentioned before, big thanks to Champions House Foundation in Chamberlain SD for supporting wells for both schools so that there is access to clean water that can also be used in the gardens.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!