From DWU Students- “Why is it important to be involved in your community?”

A post from our workstudy student, Jordon Pond.

I interviewed some DWU students and asked them the question: “Why is it important to be involved in your community?”

Rachel: “Your community is your support system. You have to be involved to have a say. You get out what you put in. If you help the community, the community will help you. If you want to change the world, you have to start at home.”

J: “What do you mean by “start at home?””

Rachel: “Starting at home means starting small and start locally.”

Autumn: “You should be involved because it creates opportunities, connections, and experiences that would otherwise be missed.”

J: “What do you mean by “would otherwise be missed?””

Autumn: “For example, I was involved in a community organization that led me to a job and ultimately toward my career path.”

Tom: “Being involved can form friendships and can help build relationships for future job…Connections to other people.”

CiCi: “Being involved in the community is important because your community provides you opportunities to grow and be a part of something bigger than just your family and friends. Being involved in the community allows individuals to encounter different perspectives and views then they are traditionally exposed to.”

McGovern Civic Engagement Forum

Mark your calendars!

The annual McGovern Civic Engagement Forum will be coming up on Tuesday, October 17th.  This year, we will have gubernatorial and congressional candidates share the stage, answering the question: “What makes a nation great?” 

If you are a gubernatorial or congressional candidate and would be interested in joining in on our event, please contact the McGovern Center by Monday, September 25th.

Hurricane Relief Kits- DONATIONS DUE!

This is the last week to help out with the hurricane relief kits!  The McGovern Center, Campus Ministries, and Fusion church are partnering together to collect donations for relief kits.  If you’d like to donate something, bring it to the McGovern Center or Campus Ministries by FRIDAY!  (If you’re far away, but would still like to help with this collection, email Carly at


Introducing: Jordon Pond, McGovern Center Workstudy Student

Now that school is back in session, the McGovern Center has brought on a new workstudy student, Jordon Pond.

Jordon will now be responsible for updating the McGovern blog on a weekly basis, so we (Alisha and Carly) wanted to introduce you to her since our readers will be hearing from her much more often!

Jordan is a first year student at Dakota Wesleyan, planning on majoring in History.  Besides being interested in history, Jordon is excited about the theatre department here at DWU and also enjoys reading books, playing video games, drawing, and doing research about things that interest her.

We’re looking forward to hearing Jordon’s input on George and Eleanor McGovern’s legacy!  Please help us welcome Jordon to the McGovern Center team this year!

McGovern Center Winter Event

My Brother’s Keeper
A dinner event for supporters of the McGovern Center

Monday, January 15th, 2018
at Dakota Wesleyan University

Ten years ago Mark Lempke spent time with Senator George McGovern and others examining how McGovern infused his faith with his politics.  This last spring, he released his book: “My Brother’s Keeper: George McGovern and Progressive Christianity”.  On January 15th, the McGovern Center invites you to hear an address by Lempke, along with others, at a special dinner event. Tickets are $50.

To RSVP or if you have more questions:
Email or call (605) 995-2937.

McGovern Center newsletter

We’ve recently put together a 2017 McGovern Center update newsletter.  Follow the link below for a brief update on the work we’ve been doing this past year, as well as an invitation to our upcoming Supporters of the McGovern Center event in January.

McGovern Center Update- Summer 2017

If you’re interested in attending the January event, please contact Alisha Vincent at  If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email Carly Hubers at


Sustainable School Lunch Program- Update

Exciting update about the sustainable school feeding program in Uganda! We just heard from one of our contacts and the crop is growing so well in Nakigunju!

Below is a video from one of the schools showing some of the crop being harvested and prepared for using in the meals.  We are thrilled to be getting updates and to see the progress– and feeling thankful for the teams near and far that are helping to make this possible.


Weighing the most recent crop

New book and SAVE THE DATE

If you haven’t yet, get your hands and eyes onto a copy of Mark Lempke’s book, My Brother’s Keeper: George McGovern and Progressive Christianity.  I am just starting it myself, but haven’t been able to put it down!  With great research, Lempke explores McGovern’s path into political activism and his worldview which still today influences the path of progressive Christianity.

You can find out more on Amazon:


Mark Lempke will be coming to speak at Dakota Wesleyan on January 16th.  On a date/time around then, we will be hosting a special McGovern Center Event and would love to have you come!  More information to come soon!  For now, email Alisha Vincent at if you’re interested.